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Author: N Blackman

Fabulous Thursday

In the morning, we did English and carried on writing a letter to John Stones. In maths, we learnt about symmetry and shapes. After lunch, we played rounders with Ms. Davies. We had a amazing time.

-That’s Daniel and Gregor, logging off-

Mighty Monday

Today to start the day, we read for 30 minuets and then we did the register. After, we did a class assembly which was about emotions. Then we had our literacy carousel, then break. Then we just carried on with our english carousel, then break and lunch. Then we read for 10 mins and we did a double page spread. At the end of the day, we went out onto the field for a nice treat.

-By Alfie and Ioan

Wacky Wednesday

Today in theme, we drew a sketch map on Croatia and we had to label the houses, boats, sea and trees by choosing a colour to fill in the map. And then after we finished doing our map Miss marked our books and some of us went outside for social time. At the end of the day we watched a bit of Newsround, then we went through the days amazing facts. Then we all got our bags and went home.

wacky wednesday.

Football Tuesday

Today we took another walk to the Neath Canal. We went to see volunteers clean the canal at 11:15. We asked questions and we all had fun walking. In the afternoon, we had Football and did spelling. The majority of us Loved it! In spelling we wrote our 15 words down in our spelling books. Tomorrow we hope to have a Wonderful Wednesday!

-By Logan and Gregor

Terrific Tuesday

Today in English we typed up our poems. We all made 6 Stanzas (Paragraphs). In Maths we looked at line graphs and answered question. This afternoon for 1 hour, we had Football. We all found it fun! After Football, we looked at map symbols, and if we finished quickly, we were able to play fun games on Map Zone. Tomorrow we hope to have a Wonderful Wednesday!

That’s Daniel and Logan, Signing off!

Tune Tastic Tuesday

Today we had lots of fun in the morning we did rhyming, and after play we did data. At 11:55 we went outside for playtime at 12:30 . We had lunch at 1:0o. We went out for football for a hour then at 2:00 we did welsh till 2:15  then we did theme and after that we did tune Tuesday.

The end!


Signed by Brooke and Lexie 🙂 goodbye




Mindful Monday :)

The day started by reading our books and doing our Minecraft projects. Later on in the day we had an english carousel. Then, we had break then we all split up in to groups of 5 and researched about rivers. At the end of the day we did our Mindfulness bingo. We ended the day by reading our class book. and that was our day!!! 🙂


-By Chloe and Lexie