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School Uniform

We believe that the wearing of school uniform contributes to a sense of belonging to the school community and helps to develop a sense of pride in the school.

Pupils wear the designated sweatshirt and polo shirt of Gnoll Primary School.  These are very smart and considerably cheaper than the type of clothes that children would otherwise want to wear.    Uniform is available from Sporttec, Neath, or online at  Both Sporttec and Tesco can deliver to your home.


Girls                                                                           Boys


Winter Maroon School Sweatshirt                 Winter maroon School Sweatshirt

Grey/Black Skirt or Trousers                          Grey/Black Trousers

Polo Shirt – white or maroon                          Polo Shirt – white or maroon

Black Shoes                                                          Black Shoes


Summer- red/White Gingham/                      Summer Shorts

Dress/Striped Dress (optional)                       White or maroon Polo Shirt


It is not obligatory to buy from our uniform suppliers or to have the school badge on items of

uniform. However, please observe the school colours of burgundy jumper/cardigan, white polo shirt and grey/black trousers or skirts. Please label or mark your child’s clothes clearly.


In the interest of your child’s safety, with the exception of small, stud earrings and watches, jewellery is not to be worn to school. Children will be asked to remove items of jewellery other than those previously mentioned.

The school will not be held responsible for loss or damage to jewellery.