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Year 3&4’s Week

This week we have had a busy week. We have performed our Egyptian dances to our groups in PE. We have been practising our column addition skills in Maths.

This week we did a Harvest Class Assembly for the whole school and we showed our work to our families.

We have had a fun week and are looking forward to half term!


Year 3&4


Today we had  an amazing day doing PE. It was epic. We played football and did some basic skills with football. The teams were Sheldon,Logan,Nerys,Joshua,Spencer and Lawrence but the other team was Liam,Shay,Shayne,Michael,Harvey,Kayden,Taran. Then the people who did basic  skills were Corey,Harvey,Isaac,Jack,Aneesa,Katie,Miss Blackman and Riley.





our day

We enjoyed English. We started writing our final drafst. For maths we did bus stop method with decimals. We are exited for Margam because there’s 26 days left before we go. We planned how to make a paper helicopter on the chrome book on hwb.

by Sheldon penny and Corey Davies


Today was carousel day. One of the funniest things were that we had to roll a dice and write a word ( hop on one leg and spell the word out, sing the word when you were writing it and more )

We did football for P.E today, if some children didn’t want to play a match they could go with Mrs.Blackman  and practice their ball skills. We finished Awful Auntie so we have a new book called  R.L.Stines Goosebumps The Midnight Scarecrow.

Good News! We get our badges tomorrow.

By Taran & Shay =) =)

Rollercoasters 🎢

What a fab afternoon Year 5 had testing forces with their rollercoaster tracks.

Could they make the marble go down a track at speed, make its way into the cup, go over hills and through a loop-the-loop? YES!

Pupils started learning about potential and kinetic energy and realised rollercoasters have to be specifically designed in order for the train to make it to the end of the track (ideally in one piece). Later in the session, children began to carry out an investigation by considering the success criteria they formed from their challenges.

Da iawn Blwydden Pump!