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Reception have had a busy 2 weeks.

We have had a busy two weeks. We have been to the fish and chip shop. We have had a royal wedding party. We have been writing lots of sentences – remembering to use capital letters, full stops and to leave finger spaces between words.  We have learning more about capacity and volume . We have been experimenting with bubbles.

Sweaty, sticky and thirsty

This  afternoon we got to go outside for p.e early because the other teacher said we could first. We were all excited! So we all got changed and went on the field  to play rounders. All  of us got into big groups but one group had one more  than the other so they had to do it twice. After  rounders Miss Mogford’s class came out and we played predator and we had lots of fun. We played that because our grass has got so long after all the rainy weather we have been having. Some  people stayed at the top of the field and counted while they were counting everyone else had to run and when they got to four we all had to cover ourselves on the tall grassy ground.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              By Seren. B  and Lillie D.

Gnoll’s Got Talent :D

At two o’clock, we had Gnoll’s got talent. Gnoll’s got talent is when pupils show of their skills in a big ceremony that we do every year. We had 10 auditions to go on stage and only one could be the winner. The winner this year was a boy in the infants who was dancing to a Michael Jackson song. He was very good and funny, he even threw his hat off! By Lillie and Seren M. 😀

Our good day :)

We’ve had a fin day! For English, we finished off our non-chronological report. Then for maths we found different 2D shapes outside and created an iBook. We had early lunch because year 3 and 4 went on a trip! (That was the best part)


On Friday we went surfing but we didn’t have time to blog so we are doing it now….when we got to surfing we had a talk about the flags and what they are used for. For example, orange sock is to used when there are high winds. Then we were off to get changed into swimming costumes. The wet suits what was super tight and a struggle to get into! After that we went onto the beach to warm-up with a few games. Then we got split into two groups and went to ride with the tide…with the dolphin group, Sophie taught us how to ride the surf board. Eventually in we went catching some waves on our surf boards. The other group (The sharks) were taught how to save somone in the water but you must remember that if you are not trained that you should go get help instead because you could get yourself in risk of danger. We swapped after half an hour! What a great experience 🙂

written by Deanna and Charlotte

yr 3/4’s week in school


In class this week we have finished our tests. we have  been learning the bus stop method,and some of us have  been learning remainders  and on Friday we did bring a spade to school day. We went for the bring a spade to school day after the first break and we did a good job! We have been learning how to message on Hwb office 365. and we had a funny morning we did maths before break and we didn’t have time for english because we did bring a spade to school day. In welsh we had a welsh comprehension  and we  going to  watch newsround and maybe we will read some of our book charlie and the chocolate factory. All in all we had a nice week!


By Oscar & Isabel

Our Fun Day :]

In English we were planning our non-chronological report.We were allowed to choose what topic we want. Most of us didn’t finish so we are going to do it another day 🙂 I can’t wait to start recording mine!


It’s been a rainy Tuesday today… this afternoon we learnt more about flowers and we all had hula hoops and sticky notes on our heads and we had people to be bees and sigma stamen pollen to reenact the pollination process. Then we made comic strip about how pollen gets transferred from flower to flower. Now Miss is reading boy in the dress…WARNING! IF WANT TO READ THE BOOK STOP READING THIS. Dennis dressed up as a girl and his wig fell of at school and he is ashamed.

written by Ashley and Paige