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Bee 1

The new company is about giving something back, about helping communities and helping businesses to support their local communities.
It is helping companies with corporate and social responsibility (CSR).
It does this by focusing on the environment, biodiversity, education, community, health
and wellbeing, including mindfulness. And it all centres around bees.

Bee1 has been established to address the decline in pollinators both locally and globally. Bees have now been declared the most important animals on the planet, and are now included on the endangered species list.

These little creatures make such a huge positive impact to our planet, if we don’t protect them – who will? Our job is to educate everyone as much as we can, and live in hope that we may be able to bring the numbers right back to where they should be.

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If you wish to find out more about Bee1 then please read the information  in the recent Swansea Bay Business Life magazine, Spring 2020 edition. The three-page article sheds light on the company ethos, helping businesses to support their local communities and spotting opportunities in emerging markets.