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Together, We Nurture, Inspire and Achieve

Gnoll Primary School

School Closure – Home Learning

As you are aware, school is now closed to most pupils until January 29th, 2021.  Welsh Government will review this and once we are informed we will let you know what procedures will will follow. Until then, pupils will be abale to acces “Live” lessons every day and also remote learning. This area of the website for Gnoll Primary Flexible Leaning has been created to support our pupils and families . Here you will be able to find information and guidance about how we are doing things during the Covid-19 crisis.

Supporting Our Pupils, Parents and Carers

I’d like to update you on the expectations and procedures in place at Gnoll Primary to support you and your child’s learning during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Firstly we want to reassure you and the pupils that we will not be trying to emulate the school day or expecting you to become teachers. However we will be providing dasily “Liove” lessons and regular, flexible learning experiences for all our pupils to engage with whilst you are at home isolating. Our aim is that our pupils feel connected, motivated and interested as we go through this situation together.

We understand that there will be a lot of challenges ahead but please do not underestimate the value of the learning experiences a home environment is providing too. Getting children involved in household activities such as cleaning, cooking and gardening are all educational too. In Wales we are lucky enough to have a Hwb platform which all your children have access to and BBC Bitesize will also be providing distance learning lessons over the next few weeks too.

Here you will find pages of support on Wellbeing and Learning. The aim is to support the continuity for learning which the Education Minister for Wales has been speaking about recently.