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The wellbeing of all children and staff at Gnoll Primary School is of utmost importance. As a school, we promote high levels of wellbeing and encourage children to have the confidence, to embrace new challenges and feel secure enough to take risks. We ensure all children display good attitude to their learning, demonstrate high levels of engagement and sustain concentration on tasks. They are encouraged to develop the skills and ability to reflect upon their own learning and the learning of their peers. We expect all children and staff to show high levels of respect care and concern for others. 

Gnoll Primary School provides a wide variety of learning experiences, which encourage children to communicate effectively, solve problems and develop their thinking skills. We are committed to igniting a passion for learning, create conditions to thrive, whilst growing together with the community and becoming ethically informed citizens. Children are encouraged to continually express their views and opinions, which provides them with real sense of belonging. Pupil Voice is embedded in all aspects of school life and it influences the strategic direction of our school. 

From time to time, children may face difficulties which may impact on their wellbeing. As a school, we work with parents and families to support children and fully believe in the importance of working as a team. We are a Thrive Ambassador School

At Gnoll Primary School we strive to develop community cohesion. We have an understanding that everyone is working towards equality of opportunity providing all children with a sense of belonging and similar life chances, regardless of their backgrounds. Through recognising and celebrating success, we encourage every child to view themselves as healthy, confident individuals.  

Wellbeing during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Here at Gnoll Primary we prioritise supporting wellbeing above all else and this approach has formed a central part of our planning during this difficult time and will continue to do so once again. We have an extensive team of staff dedicated to supporting our school community who are on hand to provide guidance and assistance, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant member of staff. We are keen to signpost schools and settings to resources that start valuable conversations with pupils and students. These resources also provide tested tools to maintain wellbeing at what can be an anxious time for children and young people.

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