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The aim of creating a monthly newsletter is to allow our parents and carers to have a snapshot of what is going on at school and what has been happening within Gnoll Primary and our local community. The newsletters will be written by teachers, pupils and PTA colleagues. We hope you will enjoy reading these newsletters and if you have anything to contribute, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.

To read the newsletter, please click on the adobe logo next to the name of the month, this will open the newsletter in the PDF format.

Autumn 2021 Spring 2022 Summer 2022
Adobe_gif 24th September Adobe_gif 28th January Adobe_gif  16th May
Adobe_gif 12th November Adobe_gif 11th March
Adobe_gif 8th December Adobe_gif 8th April
Adobe_gif 17th December

Past Newsletters 2020/2021

Adobe_gif 14th September 5th January 21st April
 22nd September   1st February 26th May
  9th October    24th March 21st June
 5th  November  14th July
 7th December

Past Newsletters 2019/20

Autumn 2018
Spring 2019 Summer 2019
Adobe_gif September Adobe_gif January Adobe_gif May
Adobe_gif October Adobe_gif February Adobe_gif June
Adobe_gif November Adobe_gif March Adobe_gif July
Adobe_gif December Adobe_gif April