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Fabulous Thursday

In the morning, we did English and carried on writing a letter to John Stones. In maths, we learnt about symmetry and shapes. After lunch, we played rounders with Ms. Davies. We had a amazing time.

-That’s Daniel and Gregor, logging off-

Mighty Monday

Today to start the day, we read for 30 minuets and then we did the register. After, we did a class assembly which was about emotions. Then we had our literacy carousel, then break. Then we just carried on with our english carousel, then break and lunch. Then we read for 10 mins and we did a double page spread. At the end of the day, we went out onto the field for a nice treat.

-By Alfie and Ioan

Tune Tastic Tuesday

Today we had lots of fun in the morning we did rhyming, and after play we did data. At 11:55 we went outside for playtime at 12:30 . We had lunch at 1:0o. We went out for football for a hour then at 2:00 we did welsh till 2:15  then we did theme and after that we did tune Tuesday.

The end!


Signed by Brooke and Lexie 🙂 goodbye




Mindful Monday :)

The day started by reading our books and doing our Minecraft projects. Later on in the day we had an english carousel. Then, we had break then we all split up in to groups of 5 and researched about rivers. At the end of the day we did our Mindfulness bingo. We ended the day by reading our class book. and that was our day!!! 🙂


-By Chloe and Lexie

Fri-Yay Fun Friday!

Today we had fun doing mega-maths, topic and best of all…



We all finished our work, and then had Fri-Yay fun! It was really fun having some free time at the end of the week.


Daniel and Connor

Mindful Monday

This morning we did carousel. That was so much fun. Then we had Joes lovely lunch. After that we did theme it was about our new topic about rivers. At the end of the day we did a mindful activity. Then we chose a book to read as a whole class. We chose ‘Crater Lake’



By  Evie and Jewel


The best 2 days!

Welcome back in 2022! Yesterday we played games in P.E. We played  Tic, Tac Toe, and ‘Would you rather?’ with Ms. Williams. We also played games we made up in the hall. We enjoyed scrapbooking about Neath this afternoon. We all came up with amazing ideas!


-That’s Year 6, logging off!

Wicked Wednesday

Today we spent all day in out Pj’s. This morning we all had a vote and the majority decided on ‘The Christmas Chronicles’. It was definitely worth watching! This afternoon, still in our Pj’s, we had an amazing time playing boardgames that we’d brought in. Then we had some time outside. During that slot, Santa came for a visit. When he came outside, he went ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’, then some of us decided to have photos.

Today was a Wicked Wednesday!


By Daniel, Ioan and Lola