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Meet the Staff
Leadership Team
Headteacher Mr. R. Harris
Deputy Headteacher Miss F. Evans
Leader of Foundation Phase Mrs V. Gibbon
Acting Leader of Key Stage 2 Miss N. Blackman
Leader of Innovative Curriculum Mrs E. Parfitt
Leader of Inclusion Miss F. Evans
Teaching Staff Non-Teaching Staff
Mrs V. Gibbon Nursery Mrs J. Billington (HLTA), Mrs T Hurford & Mrs E. Taylor
Mrs S. Coleman Reception Mrs M. Preston & Miss R. Madden
Mrs N. Jones Reception/Year 1 Miss M. Colman & Miss R. Madden
Mrs A. Davies Year 1 Mrs W. Davies
Mrs D. Harcombe Year 1/ 2 Miss N. Walsh & Miss N. Jones
Miss S. Mogford Year 2 Mrs A. Rooke
Miss J. Jones Year 3 Miss V. Billington
Miss L. Evans Year 3 Mrs L. Thomas
Miss A. Newbury Year 4 Mrs A. Hook
Mrs E. Parfitt Year 4 Mrs R. Hurst
Mrs L. Daniels Year 5 Mrs B. Morgan
Mrs E. Fielding Year 6 Miss F. Tanti
Miss N. Blackman Year 6 Mrs B. Williams
Miss R. Khakshour Rainbow Room Infants Mrs D. Brown Mrs C. Morris
Mrs E. Trollope Rainbow Room Juniors Mrs K. Symmonds, Mrs T. Gibson
Planning Preparation and Assessments (PPA) & Management Time
Miss A. Williams and Foundation Phase Teaching Assistants
Pupil Welfare Officer Mrs H. Shackell
Forest Schools Leader Mrs N Jones
1:1 Pupil Support Mrs C. Edwards, Miss B. Chapman Mrs E. Taylor
Clerical Staff, Caretaking and Cleaning Staff
Mrs G. Evans & Miss C. Price
Bursar Mrs F. Williams Caretaker Mr M.Preston
Canteen Staff Lunchtime Supervisory Staff
Cook in Charge Mrs J. Lowery
Kitchen Assistants Mrs S Hammett Mrs S. Spears Miss R. Burton
Breakfast Club Dinner supervisors Mrs S. Jones
Cook Mrs J. Lowery
Mrs J. Billington Mrs L. McNeil
Mrs T. Gibson Mrs S. Jones
Miss R. Mallows Miss R. Mallows
Miss R. Burton
Traffic Control Officer Mrs L Forster

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

All our staff undergo a comprehensive induction programme on entry to the school in addition to their initial teacher training. We also invest heavily in Continuing Professional Development for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching. In fact, some choose to gain a teaching qualification by following the Graduate Teacher Programme.

We at Gnoll value the support we get from the following providers:

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