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School Council

Our school council consists of two elected members from each class. Their role is one of the most important in the school, liaising with pupils, staff and senior management to ensure that every pupil’s voice is heard.

Some of their recent successes range from organising the activities for our chosen charities, adopting new outdoor play equipment and most recently the refurbishment of the iZone and Media Pod which benefit all pupils and staff.

We have held a competition to come up with new ‘School Rules’ and came up with REACH.

Meet our School Council 2017-18:
Jacob Malka (Year 6)
Sebastian Griffiths (Year 6)
Nerys Phillips (Year 5/6)
Kayden Emmerson (Year 5/6)
Connor Higgins (Year 5)
Kai Davies (Year 5)
Jayden Birmingham (Year 4)
Jayden Michael (Year 3/4)
Logan Allen (Year 3)
Ioan Michael Evans (Year 2)
Alfie Watkins (Year 2)
Daniel Lewis (Year 2)