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Gnoll Wellbeing Thrive Team

We have five Thrive Practitioners at Gnoll Primary and they are here to support our children through this difficult time. Here we have activities which can be used to help your child/children through this difficult times.

THRIVE Approach


Under 7

Under 11

Children love having parents who are playful, fun, interested and curious about them. Children enjoy feeling important and special and really benefit from having some individual time with parents.

Here are some creative activities that you can use with your child to support their emotional development at home. Play releases lots of feel good chemicals that help us feel calm, steady and connected. If possible, look to do these activities for as much as 20 minutes or more each day.


Mindfulness Activity

Rainbow Breathing – follow the instructions as you breathing activity to calm the mind and body



30 things to do

30 Ideas  to do outside with your children.

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Ideas for a scavenger hunt either Indoor or Outdoors.

22 Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids website

Supporting wellbeing at home

Coping calendar  30 actions to look after yourself and each other

Thrive- Wellbeing Kit Wellbeing activities for children up to the age of 11 years old.

Helping with crying Supporting sentences to help when your child is upset.