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ECO Committee

Eco_committee_ButtonThe Eco-Schools Programme encourages pupils to engage with sustainable development and global citizenship issues.

Pupils take key roles in decision-making and participation in order to reduce the environmental impact of the school. In this way, Eco-Schools extends learning beyond the classroom and develops responsible attitudes both at home and in the wider community.

One element of the Eco-Schools Programme is the establishment of an Eco-Committee – the driving force of the project. This is made up of pupils, staff, governors and parents who encourage the involvement of all members of the school community. The Eco-School committee process provides a useful model for effective communication and decision-making.

Meet our ECO committee 2016-2017:

Andrew Hart Year 6 – Chairman Neve Blackmore Year 4 Harrison Morgan Year 2
Kate Beynon Year 6 – Secretary Tyler Buckley Year 3/4 Sienna Foster Year 2
Cameran Isaac Year 6 – Treasurer Arron Hughes Year 3/4 Preston Francis Year 1/2
Jacob Malka Year 5 Reagan Pointer Year 3 Jac Taylor Year 1/2
Tyler Blackmore Year 5 Hollie Hart Year 3 Zacharia Meah Year 1
Shayne Llewellyn Year 4 Rosie Butterfield Rainbow Rooms Elyse Rogers Year 1