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Criw Cymraeg


Our Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Crew) are chosen to help promote the use of the Welsh language both inside and outside the building. Along with Dân y Ddraig (Fire the Dragon) in Cyfnod Sylfaen (Foundation Phase) and Daf y Dafaid (Dave the Sheep) in Cyfnod Allweddol 2 (KS 2), they help encourage the pupils to gain as many tocynnau iaith (language tickets) as possible, winning that class the honour of having Dân with them for a week.

We are sure you will notice our strong Welsh ethos as you tour the building and work with our pupils.

Meet our Criw Cymraeg 2017/18:
-Lily-Mae Thomas (Year 6)
-Lillie Dallimore (Year 6)
-Ben Millard (Year 6)
-Shayne Llewelyn (Year 5)
-Michael Millard (Year 5)
-Carys Coles (Year 5)
-Ruby Lewis (Year 4)
-Adam Thorne (Year 4)
-Kameron Robinson (Year 3)
-Thomas Whitefoot (Year 4)
-Joseph Davies (Year 3)

Our school is working to achieve the ‘Cymraeg Campus Language Charter’. There are three awards for us to work towards – bronze, silver and gold; each including ten targets for us to achieve. Our aim is to promote the use of the Welsh language in school and within the wider community.

For more information about the charter, please click here.