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Thistle Thursday

Today was very christmassy because it was XMAS DINNER! Today, Joe really gave us a treat. We had sausages, stuffing, turkey, mash, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes and Peas/Carrots and for vegetarians, there were vegetarian sausages. For Desert, there was Chocolate and Vanilla Ice-cream.

By Daniel and Brooke


magic Monday

Today we went to Costa and got hot chocolate. For our Christmas concert we recorded ourselves drinking the hot chocolate and then we came back to school. By that time, it was lunch time by the time we got back in the afternoon we finalised our Christmas concert and some even finished it. It has been so much fun today and everyone loved it.


-By Mason and connor

Funky Friday

todays Friday, we did water painting and we had to make a christmas tree out of the paint pallets we use masking tape  and then once we finished we had our fun Friday this morning we had our mega maths and we had our calendars and maths games along with maths mats and fractions today was so much fun.


Thrilling Thursday!

This morning we did some reading and handwriting. Then we did our story writing which was fun. After that, went outside to play to have fun and then we had math which was fractions. a hour after that, we had our lunch play after lunch we did some water paint pictures. A little while after, we had P.E. At the end of the day we watched Newsround. We can’t wait for tomorrow!


-By Iaon and Evan

Wild wednesday

This morning the internet was down…we were planning on word processing our stories for our class book, but we couldn’t… so we all practised our Christmas play in our groups.

Then we had Jo’s lush lunch.

This afternoon we had tasks to do and some pupils were chosen to have an interview with ‘Cost of Schools’ company.

Merry Monday

This afternoon, we started doing our Christmas videos. We all chose our groups, and we’ve all been having a great time. The groups are:

  • Lacey, Lily, Eden, Lexie
  • James, Evan, Ethan, Cai, Carys
  • Nataya, Gregor, Zjack, Daniel, Morgan, Jennifer
  • Duncan, Mackenzie, Liam, Lucian, Mason K
  • Kailan, Lily-mai, Sam, Alfie, Logan, Carter, Ioan, Ethan
  • Bradley, Finley, Alfie Connor, Isobella, Mason-Lee, Mason R
  • Macey, Evie, Lola, Freya, Chloe
  • Preston, Jac, Jewel, Mackenzie, Ollie-Ray, Lillianna, Nathan


Tomorrow, we’re super exited to carry on!

That’s Morgan and Daniel logging off!