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Thursday 15th October

Today we shared our group persuasive texts to the class. We learned about 3D shapes in maths and made 3d shapes from nets. It was fun!  Then did we some welsh and watched Bronwen Lewis sing welsh songs for ‘Shwmae’ day. Finally it was time for our ten-minute shake up.



Wednesday in year 5/6.


This morning we completed spelling and handwriting. Then we shared wrote a persuasive text and then completed one in groups (we can’t tell you what it is yet, but we will soon!)

After break we looked at 3D shapes and found their properties.

After lunch it was ICT/DCF. We looked at balancing screen time.

Finally we did our 10 minute shake-up and reading.

A fact from todays work: Did you know that if you spend more than 2 hours on an electronic device before bed, it can affect your sleep?


Monday 5th October 2020

Today we did reading. Then, we did guided reading. We then had a wonderful break time. After break, we carried on with guided reading then completed  amser iaith drillio. Then we had lunch!  After lunch time we did art sculptures in the style of  Keith Haring. Then we read our class book called the explorer.



Wednesday blog

First we had a class assembly about peace it was cool. Then we had literacy after that we had break, and then math and Cymraeg it was really fun. Then ICT now that was so so fun, and after that 10 min shake up,  finally reading and home.



year 5/6 blog

Today in the year 5/6 class room we learnt

Firstly we did guided reading for the morning.

After that we had lunch and we went out for break.

Then we did art in the afternoon. We took photos and recreated them on posters like Keith Haring  with chalk and paper and a bit of card: it got quite messy.

Last of all,  we listened to show and tell.

by Chloe

Year 5/6

In school today we did Mega Maths we were split into 4 groups and we did lots of mathematics. One of the things we did was math challenge cards. We also did PE today and played games like Shark Island.




In school, we did humanities and ICT. We did ICT and we made top trumps of school equipment for the yard and what we wanted in the new yard for the class.

Next we did a game of classic top trumps on the chrome of movie character.

Finally, we read the class story of explorer book and Ethan did his show and tell of  his lego that uses movement and friction.


By Carter


22nd Medi – Year 5/6

Today we did art in the style of Keith Haring with chalk and felt tips on paper.  Next we did maths. After that, we did welsh for half an hour and then we had lunch. In the afternoon, we did science. We tried to find variables, and finally we had a story.


By Bradley