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That’s Life Curriculum Event at Gnoll PS

Please click on the link below to register to attend an event at school regarding the new Curriculum for Wales.

That’s Life Concept at School
In the past six years we have been busy working in developing the Curriculum for Wales. This is an exciting time and in September all schools in Wales will be working in this new way. As a …

7 thoughts on “That’s Life Curriculum Event at Gnoll PS

    1. Good afternoon, Thank you for your enquiry>
      This is a parent event and it would mean sitting around and visiting various part of school life from Nursery to Year 6, finishing in the exhibition in the school hall. Hope this answers your question. many thanks, Mr Harris

  1. Hello,
    is there any chance a later time could be added, I appreciate that this will not be the same as the children will not be in school however as a parent that works full-time, I will be unable to attend during these times!

    1. Hello, Thanks for your response, I appreciate this can be difficult for some parents (I was always one of them). Unfortunately for this event we wanted you (parents) To experience school life in full. If you wat to visit after school then please get in touch and I’ll accompany you around the building if that helps.
      We will be discussing further experiences in the Autumn Term when we will hold parent meetings with your child’s/children class teachers.

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