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2B Enterprising – The Bumbles of Honeywood

We’ve recently began a new partnership with 2B Enterprise who have been in working with our children on entrepreneurship activities and skills for life. These have been done through a series of beautifully illustrated books and interactive activities. The children are enjoying the experiences offered and look forward to the visits. We are so pleased to have 2B Enterprise here at school with us and helping our pupils to grow and develop for their futures.

A programme to nourish enterprising mindsets in children age 5-7 years

The Bumbles of Honeywood is the first enterprise skills programme created by 2B Enterprising. Through a series of beautifully illustrated books and interactive extension activities, we explore the environmental plight of the honey bee and follow the community of Honeywood through their daily adventures.

Our Bumbles of Honeywood programme has been developed by entrepreneurial business leaders and experienced educators with extensive input from teachers. This ensures that what we offer is flexible, impactful, non-prescriptive and easy to use – meaning teachers can select activities or lesson programmes when they want to focus on or teach a certain subject / element of the curriculum. 

Please click here to visit their website.