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Flexible Learning Classrooms

Let me reassure you and the pupils that we will not be trying to emulate the school day or expecting you to become teachers. However we will be providing regular, flexible learning experiences for all our pupils to engage with whilst having to work from home or self isolate.  Our aim is that our pupils feel connected, motivated and interested as we go through this situation together.

We understand that there will be a lot of challenges ahead but please do not underestimate the value of the learning experiences a home environment is providing too. Getting children involved in household activities such as cleaning, cooking and gardening are all educational too. In Wales we are lucky enough to have a Hwb platform which all your children have access to and BBC Bitesize will also be providing distance learning lessons over the next few months.

Click on your child’s class image below to see their extended learning opportunities planned for each week. A list of activities are split into the familiar six Areas of Learning and Experiences. (AoLE’s). Each planning area will cover the week of learning and will be supplemented each day by activities that teachers will deliver via live lessons or send via Hwb.

Y Meithrin, 

Dosbarth FE

“Y Nant”

Y Derbyn

Dosbarth SC


Derbyn/Bl 1

Dosbarth NJ


Blwyddyn 1

Dosbarth AD

“Y Bryn”

Blwyddyn 1 /Bl 2

Dosbarth DH


Blwyddyn 2

Dosbarth VG


Blwyddyn 3

Dosbarth JJ


Blwyddyn 3

Dosbarth SM


Blwyddyn 4

Dosbarth JT

“Cadair Idris”

Blwyddyn 4/Bl 5

Dosbarth AN/EP


Blwyddyn 5

Dosbarth LD


Blwyddyn 5/ Bl 6

Dosbarth EF

“Yr Hafren”

Blwyddyn 6

Dosbarth NB

“Yr Wyddfa”


Dosbarth ET

“Yr Enfys”


Rainbow Room

Dosbarth RK

“Yr Enfys