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Spice Time Credits

We are very fortunate to be working closely with Spice. They offer a Spice Time Credit systems which support people who give their time to strengthen our school community. Both Gnoll Primary and SPICE believe that everybody has something to give that can make a difference in the place they live. Time Credits are a fantastic tool for encouraging people who may be new to volunteering. They also provide a system for organisations to work together to exchange their skills and resources. If you would like to find out more, please come and talk to either Mrs Shakell or Mrs Harrendence.

How it Works

SPICE southwestwalesbrochure2_15-300x412Time Credit systems work on a simple hour-for-hour basis: for every hour you give to your community you earn one Time Credit, which you can then spend on an activity of your choice.

You can give time in ways that match your skills and interests, and spend your Time Credits with our diverse range of fantastic partners across the UK who offer everything from swimming to learning a language.

Click here to visit the Spice Website

Click here to see the brochure for South West Wales.