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Our Values

The new mission statement is going to be:  

 Together we Nurture, Inspire and Achieve 


Our vision for Gnoll Primary School can be summarised in the following statement:

Our vision is to build a community in Gnoll Primary where children will achieve their full potential and aspirations. We ensure children feel happy, safe and supported. They will be empowered to change their own lives and the lives of those around them. We celebrate diversity; encourage inclusion for all as part of a caring school community. 

We will be good role models who inspire through a love of learning and be motivated to make a positive impact on each other’s lives. Together we will continually strive to remove the barriers to success and fear of failure. We strive to have parents, teachers and community members actively involved in our children’s lives and learning. 

We will provide a culture of mutual respect and acceptance with children moving onto their next venture with skills and values to set them on the path to achieve their dreams. 

Our school will take pride in leading the children in Gnoll Primary on their journey – both educational and for life; enabling them to drive their own futures to greater success and shape our diverse community for the better. 

 Our six core Values: 

  • Respect 
  • Responsibility  
  • Resilience 
  • Aspiration 
  • Independence 
  • Kindness 


School Aims

Our aim at Gnoll Primary is to aspire to develop the whole child in order to achieve their full potential, to participate in wider community and develop transferable skills enabling them to become successful citizens in the 21st Century.

At Gnoll Primary School, we aim to

  • provide a school ethos where each child feels valued, respected and proud of themselves, their school and their local community
  • encourage children to develop a hunger for and enthusiasm of learning through a lively, enquiring mind and develop in each child, self-confidence, self esteem, a positive attitude and a love for learning which will stay with him/her forever .
  • encourage and develop independence of learning and to help pupils acquire knowledge, skills and values relevant to future life
  • ensure that all pupils experience high quality and purposeful teaching and learning – encouraging and enabling all pupils to achieve their potential.
  • ensure that all pupils have access to high quality resources and expertise. These will be provided within an interactive environment that encourages fun, creativity, respect and enjoyment
  • Work in partnership with parents, carers, governors and other professionals to provide support, guidance and training through clear information on all aspects of school life and targets for self-improvement
  • To provide a caring, secure and ordered environment where all can work and play with confidence.  We strive to achieve this by ensuring school rules and polices are correctly adhered to. Communicating and acting upon risks and hazards in the environment and making necessary improvements where appropriate.
  • achieve a partnership with parents and carers in the education of their children through providing parents with clear information on all aspects of school life, and in particular targets for self-improvement.
  • promote the use of the bilingualism in order that it becomes a natural part of daily school life foster the child’s integrity, by spiritual awareness, so that the child recognises certain principles of moral behaviour and shows respect for all racial and cultural backgrounds
  • actively seek to raise all standards and be part of an on going self-evaluation process.