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Documentation & Policies

The following are policies which you may feel are useful  during your child’s time here at Gnoll Primary School. Click on the Adobe logo next to the named policy to download a copy in PDF format. If you would like a printed copy then please contact us. To save to your computer, right click on the icon and select ‘Save Target As’

Useful Documents Useful Policies
Adobe_gif Early Years Keynote 2015/16 Adobe_gif Admissions Policy
Adobe_gif ESTYN Last Inspection Report 2016 Adobe_gif Anti-Bullying Policy
Adobe_gif ESTYN Inspection Report 2010 Adobe_gif Child Protection Policy
Adobe_gif Governors Annual Report to Parents, October 2015 Adobe_gif Complaints Policy
Adobe_gif Home School Agreement 2015 Adobe_gif Behaviour Policy
Adobe_gif National Reading and Numeracy Test Booklet for Parents 2016 Adobe_gif Keeping Leaners Safe WG Docs
Adobe_gif Pupil Deprivation Grant Plan 2016/17
Adobe_gif School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2016/17 outline of priorities
Adobe_gif School Prospectus 2016/17
Adobe_gif Strategic Equality Plan 2015/16