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Our School

School Information

The school is located in the town centre of Neath. The area has an intake of pupils that represents the full range of ability.  The school maintains a strong community identity.  In all 340 children attend the school. English is the predominant language spoken at home and none of the pupils speak Welsh as a first language.

The aims of the school are summarised in the mission statement

“Learning Together, Achieving Together”

Dysgu Gyda’n Gilydd, Cyflawni gyda’n Gilydd

The school also aims to develop each pupil’s full potential and an attitude that enables them to become responsible adults in the community.

The school is justifiably proud of its reputation for concern for the individual child, both in terms of welfare and educational provision. We work on the premise that each and every child is entitled to the highest quality educational experience that can be provided.

One thing you may be sure of, we will do our very best to ensure that your child will never fail. The staff are highly skilled at assessing each pupils’ individual level of development, and moving them on at their own pace towards their full potential. We work hard to ensure that all children feel good about themselves and acquire a high level of self-esteem.