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My Space (Parent Working)

My Space is a room which we have refurbished so that both pupils, staff and parents can use to support one another. The room has been designed as a cyber cafe feel and has a kitchen area, oven for cooking, tables for collaboration and a settee area for brainstorming or relaxing. Currently, we have Seasons for Growth going on in there for our children, and we host of suitable projects from outside agancies which our parents hae requested.
Mrs Harrendence has been very proactive in talking to various outside agencies which we could help our families and community. A timetable of current activities is below but are subject to change. Please call into the office or speak to us about future events, or if you have a contact of a company that may be interested in working with us.
Timetable of Activities for our Parent Groups for the Summer Term 2017
Days 9:00 – 11am 10:45 – 11:45am 1:00 – 3:00pm
Monday  Butterfly Project (Nursery parents & children)  Key Stage 2 Maths
Tuesday Cooking Club Sign Along (BSL)
Wednesday Foodwise  
Thursday Butterfly Project (Nursery parents & children) Child Psychology 
The activities will change throughout the year as and when our friends from other agencies are available to work with us at the school. Please keep visiting this page regularly for updates.

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