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At Gnoll Primary school, we want to make sure that all of our children are happy, confident individuals who have the tools to achieve their full potential. We offer a range of intervention programmes; with either an academic, physical, social or emotional focus. Each Intervention programme is led by a trained Teaching Assistant.

Intervention Groups are run on a termly basis to offer additional support for children where concerns have been raised, either by a member of staff or by parents. Each child on an Intervention programme is regularly assessed so that their progress can be measured and support can be adjusted accordingly.

Class Teachers liaise with the Teaching Assistants and receive termly evaluations and assessment data for each child accessing an Intervention.

English/Literacy Interventions:

Rapid Reading

Rapid Phonics

English Basic Skills

Maths/Numeracy Interventions:

Maths Basic skills



Speech and Language Interventions:

LEGO-Build to express

Rapid Phonics


Motor co-ordination Interventions:

SMART moves

Social Development Interventions:

THRIVE discovery

Play Therapy

LEGO based therapy

Emotional Wellbeing:

THRIVE discovery

LEGO Build to Express



Seasons for Growth


Play therapy

Sensory room sessions

Yr 5/6 Transition groups

If you wish to find out more about the interventions put in place for your child please do not hesitate in contacting your child’s class teacher.