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Year 6’s fun day!

Today we did gymnastics in PE. It was lots of fun and we did lots of different moves e.g: Pike, Straddle and Happy Cat. We all practiced our gym routines and tried out new moves ready for next week! Earlier in the day we did English, recording and practicing our ‘Coraline’ presentations ready for tomorrow. It was lots of fun recording and rehearsing! At break time we ran around and had some fresh air. Then we went inside ready for our maths lesson and did a warm up sheet. We learned about weighing with different types of weights e.g: g, kg, pounds and ounces. At dinner time we filled our self up with lovely foods, we had curry today. Some people had packed lunch. Then we did some Welsh and kept a food diary! It was a fun day!

by Paige and Lily Mae x

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