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Year 5 – Literacy at Gnoll Park

Another exciting day for Year 5.

Using the environment as their stimulus, Year 5 walked to the Gnoll Park to write some poetry with our creative lead practitioner, Francesca.

Children walked to the grounds observing the different objects and animals along the way, and loved having a little run around at the Gnoll House ruins where their imaginations really did run wild!

At the Visitors Centre, the children wrote down words and phrases of what they had seen. They then added adjectives, verbs and adverbs to change each word/phrase into a poem. The children had lots of fun and some lovely examples were shared. Francesca went on to ask children to imagine what was behind the bamboo that they had seen on their travels. WOW!  The children’s ideas were great. From glowing black lanterns to start a quest to magical shrunken worlds full of tiny people.

At the end of the session, Francesca shared one of her favourite poems about a hedgehog that the children acted out.

Another great day Year 5. Well Done!

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