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Year 5 @ Liberty Stadium Swansea

Year 5 Liberty stadium

29th January 2018

What a lovely day Year 5 had today at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium.

First, the children went to a workshop where they had to complete a variety of challenges. Yikes, they didn’t even have a chance to take off their coats, yet they were already underway on a team challenge holding hands trying to move a hula hoop from one side of the line to the other. What a giggle!

The children then completed challenges and fed back to the leaders. The challenges were based on resilience. Some challenges were easy and others difficult. The leaders homed in on how even though life throws obstacles in the way that can make it difficult for us to keep going or brings out emotions that we don’t like, it’s okay. It’s how we overcome them and to keep going is what is most important.

After a great discussion, the children were presented with a signed book from Lee Trundle then given the tour of the stadium. Extremely excited, the children were able to experience the home and away changing rooms (what a difference), become reporters, managers and captains in the press conference room, sit in the players pitch-side seats and finally take a peak at the hospitality suites where they could view the lush pitch being prepped ready for tomorrows game.


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