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Year 5 First day in Mrs Fielding’s class

First we met our teacher, did the register and went to assembly.

We met our friends in class and made some new ones. Logan and Tyler joined us today. They really enjoyed.

We watched a minion video about class rules which was super funny. After that, we made our own class rules and decided on some after school clubs that we would like to do.

We then thought about our goals for Year 5 and wrote them on stars to be put up in class. We will look back at them at Christmas time to see if we have achieved them or are working towards them.

Mrs Fielding then showed us the Dojo’s point system. We liked earning points. We get points for winning line up legends, being on task and being really helpful.

Some children had school dinners today which was a sausage dinner and some people brought their own pack lunch.

We found out about our daily routines and are having our very own timetable to take home.


We have had a lovely first day!

Year 5


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