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On Friday we went surfing but we didn’t have time to blog so we are doing it now….when we got to surfing we had a talk about the flags and what they are used for. For example, orange sock is to used when there are high winds. Then we were off to get changed into swimming costumes. The wet suits what was super tight and a struggle to get into! After that we went onto the beach to warm-up with a few games. Then we got split into two groups and went to ride with the tide…with the dolphin group, Sophie taught us how to ride the surf board. Eventually in we went catching some waves on our surf boards. The other group (The sharks) were taught how to save somone in the water but you must remember that if you are not trained that you should go get help instead because you could get yourself in risk of danger. We swapped after half an hour! What a great experience 🙂

written by Deanna and Charlotte

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