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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Well what a Monday!

We started off the week very positive with a post-it note from our teachers with something kind written on it about us. We stuck them to our Kindness board and will continue to add them throughout the week if someone does an act of kindness.

We were given post it notes from Mrs Fielding and Mrs Hurst before we went into class.
Our RAK wall at the beginning of the week.
We felt happy after receiving our kindness post-it notes.

In class, we saw the words ‘Motivational Monday’ and we had to write something positive about someone else. This made us feel good too.









We decided to do something kind for our community. We thought of kind words and messages and wrote them on paper. After we painted them and will eventually walk into town to hand them out.

Keep a look out, you may spot us in Neath this week.



IMG_6849IMG_6845 IMG_6844

One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness Week

  1. Whilst shopping in Neath I was given a smile card by Dylan who explained that it was Random Acts of Kindness Week. I was surprised to be given the card and thought that it was a nice gesture. It was lovely to think that someone had spent the time and effort to make the card.
    Thank you Year 5 – You really made my day and did make me smile. x

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