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Our Day

Today was a good day!

We started the day with some silent reading. Everyone enjoyed their books today! Miss Blackman bought new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books because she knows we enjoy them so much!!

Then we started English carousel. Our main task was to figure out peoples emotions on  different scenarios…very interesting!

Then we had break, which was so fun because we got to play with our friends!

when we finished our English carousel, we did amser drillio. We are writing a third person profile. We also started the movie Brave on Disney +

Then we had lunch and had some more play, which was fun.

Then we stuck in our questionnaires and filled in our classmates questionnaires. All the questionnaires were brilliant!

And finally, to end the day we read our class book the beast of Buckingham palace by David Walliams. Then we got our belongings and went home.

Today was a great day!


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