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Our Amazing Day Today

Today we orally described on Coraline’s other mother. We could choose between using Puppet Pal’s or iMovie. In Maths today we did the last of our bus, train, plane and boat timetables. We could all solve real-life problems using them. After learning it for 3 days some were easy and some were quite hard. In PE we did football with Curtis and Josh. We did a challenge…one team were attacking and one team were defending. The defending team had a tail and the attacking team had to pull the other teams tail which meant it was GAME OVER! Then we did work in our Swansea City books. We had to write  about a girl who went to see Watford play then we wrote one of our exciting days like a birthday party or going to a match.

By Dylan Bolster Docherty and Ruhan Meah.


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