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13 thoughts on “Letter to Parents regarding the re-opening of Gnoll Primary School

    1. THe Hub will return to the Gnoll Primary as from next Monday until the 24th July. Not sure what will happen for the remainder of the summer as that hasn’t been decided or we haven’t been told yet.

  1. Hello Mr Harris
    Ive decided my grandchildren will not be returning to school end of this month, regarding high risks covid19, 2 of them are vunerable due to having pneumonia just over a year ago and one is also very vunerable, i would prefer for them to restart in September
    Many Thanks

    1. Hello Mrs Jenkins,

      I hope you are all well. I will support your decision and we will continue to support the children via the “Flexible learning” on Hwb and also the check in phone calls. I hope this is ok. Mr Harris

  2. Will the children be required to wear a face mask? My daughter wants to come back to school. Roseali misses everyone.

    1. Hello Mrs Cullen, Currently the information I have received is no to face masks unless parents want them too. The guidance suggests that we would have to change them regularly in order for them to be of any use. Hope this helps. Mr Harris

  3. Will a key workers children be entitled to the full Monday-Friday care even if they haven’t been attending throughout the lockdown due to parent being furloughed?

    1. Key worker families are entitled to the Hub as long as you satisfy the Welsh Government guidelines. It may also depend on the numbers as I will have to follow the 2m distancing rule.

      1. Thank you. How do I put myself down as a key worker to be (possibly) entitled to the full weeks space as I will be returning to work on June 29th. Would my nursery child also be able to return then or just my year 1 child? Thank you

        1. Good afternoon,

          At this moment in time, I’m not clear as to whether we have space available for yourself. I will need to clarify with the current people if they will continue to need childcare. I’m sorry about this but if I can help I will. Many thanks, Mr Harris

  4. Good morning Mr Harris, I hope you are well.

    Do you have any information on transition days for the year 6 children? I know there has been virtual welcome tours from other Comprehensives, but nothing as yet from Cefn Saeson and this is one thing Sophie has been concerned with.

    Gillian Croker

    1. Good Afternoon,

      Hope you are well and it was lovely to see you all last week.
      I’m sorry but like you I don’t have any information either about the transition days to Cefn Saeson Comprehensive. I have emailed them and will let you know when I know more. Kind regards, Mr Harris

      1. The girls were really excited to see you last week as they have missed you.

        Great, thank you for that.

        Take care and see you soon

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