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Letter explaining the plans for the start of the new term (Sept 2020)

Dear Parent/Carer,

Attached is a letter explaining the plans for the start of the new term.

  • September 1st & 2nd – School closed for preparation and planning
  • Thursday, September 3rd – All LSC pupils, Reception, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 pupils
  • Friday, September 4th – All Nursery, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 pupils
  • Monday, September 7th – All pupils back in school.

Link to Letter from Mr Harris

31 thoughts on “Letter explaining the plans for the start of the new term (Sept 2020)

  1. Can you please let me know which entrance the children go in, and where they exit? My child didn’t attend in July so I want to get it right on her first day back on Friday (she’s in nursery).

    1. Good Evening,

      Nursery children will be greeted at the Nursery yard Gate by a member of staff. This gate is on the Foundation Phase Yard, under the canopy to the Nursery Yard.

      Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday,

      Mr H

  2. Can you please tell me what the difference is between Reception ‘Nedd’ and Reception/y1 ‘Bryn’? My son is coming up from nursery to Mrs Coleman so I think it will be Nedd but want to double check. Thanks

    1. That should read;

      Mrs S. Coleman’s Reception class – “Crug”
      Mrs N. Jones’ Reception/Year 1 Class – “Bryn”

      As we have over 30 pupils per year group, it’s not possible to have all Reception in one class. After much deliberation and discussion with staff who have taught the children, some Reception children are then placed in reception/Year 1 class. Both classes are next door to one another and the teachers collaborate with one another to ensure that the children have the same experiences as is possible. Year 1 pupils will also do the same.

    1. Do you know which class Arthur is in? The times and where he will be accessing school is on the letter which has gone live tonight. If you need further information, could you ring the school where someone can help with your query. Many thanks.

      1. No i phoned school and was told they phone me back to tell me what class hes in and what time he be finishing and starting and who will be his one on one he was in reception prio to lockdown

  3. Hello Mr Harris what year will Rowan Howard be going into for first time his d.o.b 19/6/2016, lilianna says he be in nursery?

  4. Hello, my daughter Ffion Egan is due in Friday.

    We’re not sure what class she’s in. Due to health concerns, we didn’t make it in July and because of that we didn’t get her report, i was told it would be emailed but haven’t received it yet.

    Also, what’s the guidance with wearing masks or other distancing rules?

    Thank you.

    1. Good afternoon. Ffion will be in Mr Thomas’s Class (Year 4). I’m sorry you didn’t receive the report. as there were so many to post we decided to give an allotted time to come and collect the report from the office. Mr Thomas swill have the report for you this week.

      The letter explains most of the safety procedures we are adhering to here at Gnoll Primary. There is further information and will be added to the website once we have finalised the plan. The Welsh Government Guidelines and The Local Authority have stated that Primary children do not need to wear masks, however if you feel more comfortable with Ffion wearing a mask then that is also fine. If you need further information the please contact the school. many thanks,

      1. Thank you so much for the quick response and thank you for all the hard work the teachers are all doing to make everyone safe.

    1. The Reception Yard is the old Nursery Yard (the one with the ship in). This summer we have resurfaced the yard and added a canopy which means the Reception and rec?Yr1 class can have access to an outdoor provision throughout the day. This area is looking lovely with new brightly coloured fencing. The Foundation Phase Yard is the big yard which you will line up at the start and the end of the day. Hope this answers your question.

  5. Good afternoon, do the child need to bring P,E kits in as normal or are they to wear them on they day like some schools are doing.
    Thank you

    1. Good question, Can I get back to you on that please. I have a meeting with staff tomorrow to discuss these matters. At this moment in time there will only be outdoor PE/Game ssessions. Unfortunately we will not be able to do indoor PE lessons. Hopefully this will change as the weeks progress.

  6. My children can’t wait to come back! Are they allowed backpacks please? Or should they use a carrier bag for their belongings like before the summer? Also, what about fruit? Will they be given fruit or are am I able to send a snack in with them?

    1. Backpacks are allowed and will be stored in their locker with their coats and packed lunch. Please make sure that other items are not brought in please. Pencil cases will be given to the children and kept in the classrooms. Unfortunately, we are not able to distribute fruit at this moment in time, If you could ensure that your child brings a healthy snack for the playtime then that would be great. Any waste will have to come home at the end of the day so please make sure they have something to put the apple core or banana skin, peel in. Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Mr Harris
    I understand that there is no breakfast club for the whole of September, but I am unclear as to why this is? And do you believe this will be a long term issue? Thankyou

    1. Good morning, At this moment in time there will be no breakfast club available. This will be reviewed in the next few weeks and hopefully we can have the breakfast club back up and running. Hope this helps

  8. Hi my daughter started nursery just before lockdown came into place she was in the afternoon sessions, will she be returning on Friday afternoon or is it all mornings as all I can see On the time list is nursery just for the morning.

  9. Please can you tell me what time school will end at on Thursday ? As I’m sure if it the same time’s as next week ? Many thanks

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