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This Week So Far…

Monday-We started the day by writing setting descriptions based on the film Coraline. Afterwards, in maths, we learnt about function machines and even got to use some algebra! It’s confusing! Later that day, we had a go at sorting solids, liquids and gases. Who knows what a cloud is made of?

Tuesday-AND again we did the same as yesterday for Maths and English. This time finding the OUTPUT and INPUT numbers of funcion machines. In the afternoon we had RE and Art. It was amazing!!

Wednesday- We did the same as yesterday for Maths and English yet AGAIN!! I can’t wait to finally present my settings pitch to the ‘Film director’.  Later that day, we did Welsh then P.E. I love P.E.


Written by Jacob and Seren M



What we did on 19.01.18

Today we started with English…we did a comprehension about Queen Victoria, which was super interesting!! Then it was Break Time. After our run around we did Mega Maths. We systematically solved problems. This week was all about blocks. Then of course lunch time/playtime came. Yipee! When we got back from lunch we did the register to check no one was missing. We researched the amazing fact of the day, which was all about Mayflies. Did you know that the female adult mayfly only lives for 5 minutes?! After that we practiced drillio/welsh, then we brushed our shiny teeth. Later this afternoon we had our ICT/Chrome slot which was about spreadsheets. Then of course, we wrote this for you.

Finally, its home time. Thank You Miss Blackman for teaching us.

made by Tyler and Deanna



Today in Math we learned Median Mode and Range it was really easy. There were four levels of work this afternoon. we learnt about what life was like during World War II and 1960’s, such as the food people ate, what schools were like, which jobs people has and what popular fashion was.

by Seren Britton and Dylan Bolster Docherty

NickMarkman cheetah sculpture

Art is my favourite!

This week we have started looking at our artist and her work. We’re focussing on Nick Mackman…if you haven’t heard of her then look her up, shes amazing! Basically, she’s a sculptor and focusses her work on animals; which is perfect for us because we’ve been watching Peter and the Wolf.

We can’t wait to start sculpting our own character’s from Peter and the Wolf, inspired by Nick Mackman!


Click here to visit her website: