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On Friday we went surfing but we didn’t have time to blog so we are doing it now….when we got to surfing we had a talk about the flags and what they are used for. For example, orange sock is to used when there are high winds. Then we were off to get changed into swimming costumes. The wet suits what was super tight and a struggle to get into! After that we went onto the beach to warm-up with a few games. Then we got split into two groups and went to ride with the tide…with the dolphin group, Sophie taught us how to ride the surf board. Eventually in we went catching some waves on our surf boards. The other group (The sharks) were taught how to save somone in the water but you must remember that if you are not trained that you should go get help instead because you could get yourself in risk of danger. We swapped after half an hour! What a great experience 🙂

written by Deanna and Charlotte

Our Fun Day :]

In English we were planning our non-chronological report.We were allowed to choose what topic we want. Most of us didn’t finish so we are going to do it another day 🙂 I can’t wait to start recording mine!


It’s been a rainy Tuesday today… this afternoon we learnt more about flowers and we all had hula hoops and sticky notes on our heads and we had people to be bees and sigma stamen pollen to reenact the pollination process. Then we made comic strip about how pollen gets transferred from flower to flower. Now Miss is reading boy in the dress…WARNING! IF WANT TO READ THE BOOK STOP READING THIS. Dennis dressed up as a girl and his wig fell of at school and he is ashamed.

written by Ashley and Paige

Funny Day!!!!!!!!!

Today I was in a funny group with Dylan, Adam and  Anna-Leigh. We sorted things that joined with plants and their names. And my group did this thing called puppet pals and i took a photo of my friends head. Also my friend photo bombed me.This was a funny day!

I was in a pair with Seren Manley and it was hilarious! We worked in the Pod and we were making jokes whilst working. We had lots of fun! Seren Manley is my best friend. This was a funny day!

From Sianna Paulo and Lily-Mae Thomas.

Chubby champs!!!

When we went outside, we played a game called Chubby Champs! Its a made-up game where we are all in a ring and we try and get the other person out of the ring (a bit like sumo wrestling)…we usually  play in duos. The winning team was Seb and Jake during the first round and Charlotte and Seren in the second round.

Some of the girls played Hopscotch. The way that we play it is that you throw a stone on number 1 then you hop the squares missing out number 1 then pick up the stone. You then carry this on but throwing the stone on 2,3,4, ect.

Tests start tomorrow…year 6’s first one is Reading Good Luck everyone! 🙂

Jacob & Seren M

Soggy wet Friday!

We didn’t get a chance to play outside once today because it has been so wet! Boo! We played inside instead. Luckily we have lots of lovely games and toys to play with and Miss lets us vote which film we can have on. We decided to watch Hotel for dogs. It’s funny. Hopefully next week will be nicer weather…it is meant to be ‘summer’ after all!

revising for tests

This morning has been very busy because we have been doing past test papers (some of them were really hard) after we had some time to finish them off we gave our answers out and shared  the way we did it. Miss Blackman corrected us if we got it wrong and then we had play. Play is now AWESOME!because we have lots of new toys. It was very cold today… we are now listening to Miss reading The boy in the dress and its really funny!

from Paige and Seren B xx

It’s Tuesday

When we came in school we first practiced our handwriting and lined up and went to assembly. Miss Mogford read a story and we sang two songs. Then the year sixes lined the corridors once we did that we had English. In English we did a past paper to practice for our tests. Then we went out for break and played for 15 minutes. After that we came in and we did Maths. In Maths once again we did a past paper to practice for our upcoming tests. Eventually we went out for play…. and a couple minutes later it started pouring so it had to be wet play! Because we were the most sensible and quietest class we won the line up legends award. This afternoon we researched Amazing Fact of the day, it was about a man called Moinsour Mange-Tout who has eaten really weird things like chairs, computers, bikes, chandeliers and even an aeroplane! We also had Drillo, Guided Reading and then PE. We practiced rugby skills, it was fun. Then we came back to class, got dressed and Miss Blackman read a book; David Walliams’ ‘Boy in the dress’

Blog by Deanna and Ashley