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our fun day!!!!!!!!

Today after assembly we first draft our non-chronological report, it was so fun! then we went for our 15 minute play, after that we got out our daily maths books, every week we always do a different times table but on a Friday it’s different but this week we are doing our 7 times tables… hooray! After we did the quiz of 12 we do a maths mat where you have 9 or 10 questions and then every day we cover 3 questions and then the next day we do the next 3 and so on then we go for our lunch play that was really fun! we do the register to make sure that every one came in safe from play. in the afternoon we read,brush our teeth,then we do welsh with is very important,then we do guided reading wich encourage’s us to read more to make us more bright, then we all got changed for p.e. we played stuck in the mud to warm up then we played crab dodge ball !


by Callie and Kayden y6

our fun day

Today me and Corey had a amazing day today doing our Christmas cards… it was really fun to do. Also today we did English and Maths which we were doing super fun stuff like playing English and Maths games, Reading, giving each other hard math questions.

We had a super super fun day today.

Thank you to Miss for reading Awful Auntie.

Have a great weekend all! Good bye!

Corey and Liam

Scientists in year 6

This afternoon was our ICT slot… we used the chrome books to go on HWB and used Microsoft Excel  to record the results from our paper airplane test. We recorded the names of each plane and how far they went each time. Then we used the Spreadsheet to calculate the Average distance. Did you know that a Spreadsheet is a giant calculator?! We had so much fun and we would love to do it again 🙂

Michael and Aneesa

our plane test :)

Today we had a great time playing with our paper planes it was so cool.We did a experiment and it turned out amazing we were in groups of 2 to 3,we made a plane then we went into the corridor and tested the planes.There was a lot of different types of paper planes but only 1 went the furthest it was 8.83 meters and it was called N and M!

Thank you for reading bye 🙂

By Nerys and shayne ^-^ 


Today we have been doing PE, We have been playing a game called Bench Ball which was a very fun game, We loved It!!!

Also are listening to Miss reading Awful Auntie…we’re reading a chapter where Stella is trying to get out of the bandages and has ended up like a human caterpillar.

Josh and Riley



I enjoyed playing on the iPad and doing every ones favourite lesson, Maths! We got to play maths board games, solve a problem with Miss and whiteboard work as well. Then every 15 minutes we swapped.

Qhen it was nearly home time every one in the class got to watch the BFG whilst eating some chocolate cake because it is Corey’s birthday on the weekend. Happy Birthday Corey!

By Spencer and Riley

Our fun day today:)

In topic we done something really fun, we made a timeline about all the inventions made in the past centuries up until now so we used books as well as the ipads, chromebooks and Macs to research inventions from 1900’s up until now. We also enjoyed Maths today… we were ordering temperatures and it was really fun.

It was a great day 🙂

Shayne and James