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Rationing cookies

We are designing cookies using ingredients which would have been available during World War Two!…traditionally they made carrot cookies. They used self-raising flour, sugar, butter, vanilla essence, carrot and water. We decided to add candy, honey and milk and removing water, carrot, vanilla and sugar! Hopefully they will be tasty.

By Paige, Seren M and Lily-Mae

OUR DAY 13.03.18

First of all, we did English. We finished off our Coraline character descriptions, then we went out for play. It wasn’t that cold today. After that we had maths. We did some probability language, for example, ‘rain is very likely for tomorrow’. Then we had lunch, and it was very tasty! Soon we went back inside for topic. We made a survey because we are making rationing cookies [I HOPE THEY ARE TASTY!] I bet you can’t wait to read about the day of us making them. Our group’s cookie is red, hexagonal shaped (don’t ask how we’re going to achieve that) and has candied sweets inside. Mmmmmmm!


Super world book day

Today was an amazing day. We got to draw our favourite characters, scavenged for book facts, created a fact-file of our favourite authors and lots more. We spent all day in our pyjamas and enjoyed reading lots of stories with our friends. We even got milk and cookies!

St.Davids day

First of all we got into our nice warm class and did handwriting. Because it is St.Davids day we were practicing our welsh song. We performed our song during assembly… then we went outside for some fresh air [it was really cold]. When we came back in from play we did  some welsh activities. We got to colour in a welsh dragon, designing a panoramic picture of places we want to visit in Wales and completing a word search. This afternoon we all got together to celebrate entries to the St.Davids day coompetition. There were lots of wonderful things such as posters, castles, dragons and poems. Seren Manley, in our class won third prize for making a clay Welsh doll.

Our Amazing Day Today

Today we orally described on Coraline’s other mother. We could choose between using Puppet Pal’s or iMovie. In Maths today we did the last of our bus, train, plane and boat timetables. We could all solve real-life problems using them. After learning it for 3 days some were easy and some were quite hard. In PE we did football with Curtis and Josh. We did a challenge…one team were attacking and one team were defending. The defending team had a tail and the attacking team had to pull the other teams tail which meant it was GAME OVER! Then we did work in our Swansea City books. We had to write  about a girl who went to see Watford play then we wrote one of our exciting days like a birthday party or going to a match.

By Dylan Bolster Docherty and Ruhan Meah.



First we sat and read for 20 mins while Miss listened to some readers. Next we started English… we text-marked a character description. During Maths we were using timetables. Then came lunch time. After lunch we did drillio, guided reading and then science for the rest of the afternoon. In science we wrote the method for our investigation .


by Tyler and Jacob

Fab football

Today we had our first football skills lesson with Curtis from Swansea City. We learnt how to control the ball and be aware of others. We played a game where we had to dodge other team members from one side of the pitch to the other. It was really tricky… I lost two lives.

We can’t wait for next week’s session!

happy First day back!

Today for English the class did sentence openers to make our writing more exciting! Then we had fun at break time. In Maths we did digital 24-hour clock with our class. Of course then it was delicious lunch and playtime. After that we got into our groups for guided reading and picked our new books. Then we settled down for science… we’re investigating whether all solids dissolve. Finally our best teacher read us more of Gangsta Granny and made us laugh with her impressions while we blogged.

We are very happy and grateful for Miss Blackman

made by Ross and Deanna

Busy, long day !

When we first got in to school we practiced our handwriting. The hall was being used for a course so we didn’t have assembly, which made this morning feel like foreverrrrr! The other year 6 children came in to our class and we wrote our finial draft on Coraline setting description. After we wrote it in to our books we typed it out using Word for our display. After play we came inside and did a maths solving problem map (some questions were tricky) and then we found areas of rectangles. It was cool. we had to multiply the numbers .

This afternoon we had Welsh and Topic. In Welsh we had to say what we saw on our holiday. ‘Gwelais i crwban mor yn y sw’. For Topic we made videos and posters and lots of fun stuff about being kind because if you didn’t know, its kindness wee next week.

Now miss is reading David Walliams’ book ‘Gangsta Granny’ as we type. It’s funny! We have just started reading about her being called ‘The black cat’. I wonder whether she will tell Ben everything??

By Paige and Anna-Leigh

Our day 07.02.18

Today we started our day with English. We were making edits to our first draft of our Coraline setting description. In maths we learnt how to find the area of shapes. This afternoon we had P.E… yes! We played football and basketball with Curtis from Swansea City. It was amazing and fun.

by Adam and Jacob