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Year 6 blog.


So this is a late blog for yesterday.  So first thing we did was read our books. Next, we learnt how to be safe online. After that we had break.

After break, we did maths and  after math we had lunch!

After we finished lunch then we had PE. During PE we learnt how to play basket ball. We learnt by throwing up and catching it and throwing it to each other. Then we went home.

We had a lovely day in year 6 again!

Written by Elyse

Today’s blog in year 6! September 21st 2021



Another day, another blog.

So today, as soon as we came into school we washed our hands then did Whole class Guided reading for 30 minutes! After we did that then we started English. We linked it to the book we are reading. The book is called Cosmic. We were learning about what Liam would have been saying when he wanted to get a car. We call this ‘dialogue’.

After break,  we got on to maths. In maths we were doing our time tables and working on them. Some people needed to practice. After that, we did a page of maths. Then it was time for lunch.

When lunch finished, we headed on to welsh in welsh we are doing world war 2! It’s actually very fun, we did this for 30 minutes.

After we finished welsh we got onto,Humanities.  With that we started doing timelines again, This was really fun some people found it a bit hard including me but our friends and teachers helped us we had another fantastic day in Year 6!

Remember we will always update what we do in a day. Thank you for reading.


Written by Elyse and Crystal



Today’s blog 20.09.2021

Today, in the morning we did spelling and handwriting. In handwriting we did joining words with the letter a!

Next, we had break. After, we did some math! We were working on millions on whiteboards!  We had an amazing time.

After lunch, we did timelines! But not any timeline’s, timeline’s about us from when we were born to now. We did not do it on paper like you would have thought of, we did it on our desks! You may be thinking it is not going to come off but it did, thankfully! w

We all had an amazing day in Year 6! Right now we are writing positive things about our work! We will update you all everyday of some lovely positive things we do!

Bye, thank you for reading what we did today!

By Elyse

(Mrs Fielding’s class)


We played handball during lunch break. It was very fun and we scored lots. Madison proved to be a very good player and beat lots her friends. Issac scored one over his head! Sienna liked throwing the ball so high that no one could catch it. Emily suggests practising lots to get better 🙂

We are going to be Bee Keepers!

We had a very important visit from Bee1 and EsPartnership. Mark came to talk to us about bees. We learnt a scientific process and all about the importance of bees. Fun Fact – girl bees do ALL the work and the boys do absolutely nothing! He then told us the exciting news that we will be keeping our own bees at Gnoll…around 50,000 of them! WOW! We cannot wait and hope they produce some lovely honey and ECO-friendly wax too!

Written by Jordan and Demi-Leigh (Year 6 ECO committee members)

Year 6 blog 18.11.20

When we came in class we were reading our books.

And after we finished reading our books we started doing a food hunt to see how many things were healthy or unhealthy.

After that we did P:E and in P:E we were doing gymnastic moves with a friend and we used our ribbon moves while we were in the positions.

After that we went outside for a bit until it started tipping down so we went inside for the rest of our play some did colouring and some did drawing.

Next we talked about bullying and how we can prevent it. And for anti-bullying week we did a jigsaw piece with all of our favourite things in it.

Our Day

Today was a good day!

We started the day with some silent reading. Everyone enjoyed their books today! Miss Blackman bought new Diary of a Wimpy Kid books because she knows we enjoy them so much!!

Then we started English carousel. Our main task was to figure out peoples emotions on  different scenarios…very interesting!

Then we had break, which was so fun because we got to play with our friends!

when we finished our English carousel, we did amser drillio. We are writing a third person profile. We also started the movie Brave on Disney +

Then we had lunch and had some more play, which was fun.

Then we stuck in our questionnaires and filled in our classmates questionnaires. All the questionnaires were brilliant!

And finally, to end the day we read our class book the beast of Buckingham palace by David Walliams. Then we got our belongings and went home.

Today was a great day!


yr 6s day

First of all we came in a bit later because of COVID19 and did some reading.

Secondly we did handwriting.

Thirdly we did our English carousel.

Then we went out to play YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we finished our English carousel.

After we did Welsh.

Then we went for Lunch Joe’s dinner is so yummy

After we had our lunch play.

Then we did topic.

Finally home time!