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Renewable rollercoaster workshop

Last Friday, we had an awesome treat. A man called Martin, from Architecture Workshops, came in to our school do a rollercoaster workshop which was amazing ! (It took about 2 hours to make the rollercoaster ) 

First we made 3D triangles, next we put 4 together with elastic bands.

After that we connected more and more together. When it was all connected and we had a big structure with loads of triangles, we made stands to hold it. We twisted some of it and it went over the apparatus. We had to use different sizesstands up to hold it up and keep it stable.

Finally we sat under the rollercoaster whilst Martin ran around filming it and we were pretending that we were on it and we were screaming .

The most amazing part (for some people) is the that at the end we destroyed it !!!! It was great fun and here’s a few pictures to show how fun it was! 

Y5 – Wednesday 19th September

19th of September 2018

Walk a mile Wednesday: We walked 25 laps.  It was amazing and fun! It was also a little tiring! Then, we voted for committees like Eco Committee, Criw Cymraeg, Digital Leaders and School Council! After that, we did a cold write of a non-chronological report. In maths, we compared numbers using greater than or less than Symbols.

After lunch, we did the register! Then,we did Guided Reading! After that we re-searched about Roller coasters names and when they were opened. Finally we brushed our teeth!

At the end of the day we read a story called ‘Billionaire Boy’.

The end.


Written by Ryan Harrison and Matthew Down.


Our New Class – Monday 17th September

                                                   Monday 17th of September 2018


English: Today we did a very amazing project called Non-Chronological Reports. A Non-Chronological Report can be about anything as long as it is factual. Some children decided on themes such; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, School life, Animals and World War.

Maths: In Math, we continued to look at whole numbers. We found the value of certain digits in a number. e,g, 24,567 the value of 5 = 500.

Guided Reading: In Guided Reading, we did Handwriting, Pre-Reading Task, Reading, Reading Journals and Spelling Targets. There are groups up to A,B,C, D and last but not least E.

Roller Coasters: For our topic this term, we are looking at Roller Coasters. We started researching different rollercoasters ready to make a timeline from the Newest Roller Coaster to the Oldest Roller Coaster. We found out the oldest Roller Coaster  was made in 1920, and the newest was made in 2016.

Brushing Teeth: Today we just started brushing teeth! Mrs.Fielding announced we were going to start brushing teeth! The bus colours were: Blue, Green and Yellow. Isla and I are in the Yellow Bus.

Billionaire Boy: Today we read a book called ‘Billionaire Boy’ it’s about a boy who is a Billionaire, who is a very spoilt boy. In the chapter we read today, he went disguised for his new School to make sure no-one would know that he is a billionaire.


                                                             Written by Zeva and Isla









Year 5 First day in Mrs Fielding’s class

First we met our teacher, did the register and went to assembly.

We met our friends in class and made some new ones. Logan and Tyler joined us today. They really enjoyed.

We watched a minion video about class rules which was super funny. After that, we made our own class rules and decided on some after school clubs that we would like to do.

We then thought about our goals for Year 5 and wrote them on stars to be put up in class. We will look back at them at Christmas time to see if we have achieved them or are working towards them.

Mrs Fielding then showed us the Dojo’s point system. We liked earning points. We get points for winning line up legends, being on task and being really helpful.

Some children had school dinners today which was a sausage dinner and some people brought their own pack lunch.

We found out about our daily routines and are having our very own timetable to take home.


We have had a lovely first day!

Year 5


Random Acts of Kindness Week

Well what a Monday!

We started off the week very positive with a post-it note from our teachers with something kind written on it about us. We stuck them to our Kindness board and will continue to add them throughout the week if someone does an act of kindness.

We were given post it notes from Mrs Fielding and Mrs Hurst before we went into class.
Our RAK wall at the beginning of the week.
We felt happy after receiving our kindness post-it notes.

In class, we saw the words ‘Motivational Monday’ and we had to write something positive about someone else. This made us feel good too.









We decided to do something kind for our community. We thought of kind words and messages and wrote them on paper. After we painted them and will eventually walk into town to hand them out.

Keep a look out, you may spot us in Neath this week.



IMG_6849IMG_6845 IMG_6844

Last week in year 5

Last week was so fun. In assembly PC Norris came to talk about internet safety week. In art, we looked at various propaganda posters from World War 2 and using a paper window we looked at specific parts of the propaganda poster to draw. Then, we finished off our Welsh ‘Gwelais i’ sentence pattern.

In our books, we finished off our topic and in English we wrote the final draft of our discussion text on should football be banned in primary schools.

My favourite part of last week was our two trips. One to Gnoll park and the other to the Liberty stadium in Swansea. We also met Lee Trundle and we had a book called the striker boy by Jonny Zucker.

image2-2IMG_6509By Callie Harrison

Year 5 – Literacy at Gnoll Park

Another exciting day for Year 5.

Using the environment as their stimulus, Year 5 walked to the Gnoll Park to write some poetry with our creative lead practitioner, Francesca.

Children walked to the grounds observing the different objects and animals along the way, and loved having a little run around at the Gnoll House ruins where their imaginations really did run wild!

At the Visitors Centre, the children wrote down words and phrases of what they had seen. They then added adjectives, verbs and adverbs to change each word/phrase into a poem. The children had lots of fun and some lovely examples were shared. Francesca went on to ask children to imagine what was behind the bamboo that they had seen on their travels. WOW!  The children’s ideas were great. From glowing black lanterns to start a quest to magical shrunken worlds full of tiny people.

At the end of the session, Francesca shared one of her favourite poems about a hedgehog that the children acted out.

Another great day Year 5. Well Done!

IMG_6508IMG_6513 IMG_6563IMG_6521IMG_6529 IMG_6534 IMG_6538 IMG_6543 IMG_6547 IMG_6566