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Our week!

This week we have been learning about the beach. Ariel came to visit us! She was very beautiful. We asked her lots of questions.

During Literacy times we have been learning the sound ‘sh’. We have learnt lots of words that use this sound.

During Numeracy times we have been telling the time. We can now show o’clock and half past on a clock. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ with Mrs Rooke and Miss Madden.

We have been having a very busy week in Year 1!

Pancake day fun

Our top flippers!

Year 1 & 2 have had lots of fun making yummy pancakes. We used our numeracy skills to weigh and measure the ingredients we needed and followed the instructions to make the perfect pancake. We even learned the names of the ingredients in Welsh! Once we had made our pancakes, we had a pancake flipping competition and counted how many times we could flip the pancake in 30 seconds. We laughed a lot!