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Year 2 Mrs Gibbon, Year 1/2 Mrs Harcombe

Dear Parent/ Carer, 

Welcome back, we hope you and your family had a enjoyable Summer break. Our theme this term is ‘Marvellous Me’. The children have come up with some lovely ideas about what they would like to learn in class and also Learning Log suggestions! We have a busy term planned with lots of fun and stimulating activities that we’re sure they will enjoy. The following is a list of some of the activities they will take part in. 

Literacy, Language and Communication – This term we will begin by reading the Gingerbread Man; we will be creating story maps, writing stories and developing our oracy, reading and writing skills by retelling the story and presenting information. Pupils will engage in daily shared and guided reading tasks in small groups. Any reading you do at home with the children helps this enormously, at present school books will not be sent home but his will be reviewed regularly. Pupils will also be given independent learning opportunities to read throughout the week. 

Mathematical Development – pupils will be learning 2s, 3s, 5s and 10 times tables; standard units of measure; money and will continue to recite numbers beyond 100, forwards and backwards and from different starting points. We will be learning number recognition and ordering, addition and subtraction. All learning will be supported with practical activities. 

Humanities – We will focus on this aspect of the curriculum during afternoon sessions. We will be learning about Harvest and other celebrations, historical events e.g. the gunpowder plot and changes in the seasons. 

Expressive Arts– Pupils will develop their creative skills by using a range of materials to make their own pictures, designs and artefacts. We will look at different artists including Andy Warhol as a stimulus to create self-portraits.  

Health and Well-Being – P.E. is a Tuesday (Mrs Gibbon) and a Thursday (Mrs Harcombe Y1/2) this will be outdoors. Please could you make sure that your child wears a PE kit to school on this day e.g. trainers, comfortable joggers or leggings and a t-shirt and school jumper. Please inform staff if your child is unable to take part, this is a vital part of the national curriculum and a very important part of keeping fit and healthy. 

Science and Technology – We will continue to use a range of technology including iPads and Chromebooks to carry out research and create our own stories. We will also be investigating properties of materials and exploring our outdoor environment to investigate the changing seasons. 

Learning Log – your child will be given a learning log menu of activities at the start of each term that they can do with you at home, this work can not be returned to school at present but can be uploaded using HWB (further details about this and log on details will be sent home shortly)The children are always so proud of the work they have done with you at home and are always keen to show their classmates. 

Reading books will not be sent home at present but this will be reviewed regularly. We must emphasise the importance of reading at home with your childSome Oxford reading tree books can be accessed for free at home by using the following website, 

Forest Friday – We use the outdoors to learn throughout the week but we have a dedicated session on a Friday. Pupils will be using the outdoors in all weathers so please could Wellies remain in school in lockers. Please could you also ensure that pupils have suitable clothing for the weather e.g. waterproof coats with hoods, scarves, gloves etc. Children will undoubtedly get dirty and have lots of fun!!  : ) 

Just a reminder … 

Please label all clothing with your child’s name. 

A healthy snack can be provided from the home for playtime, this can only be fruit or vegetableThe children will need to bring the fruit peel, core etc. home so please provide your child with a pot or a little bag so that they are able to do this.  

Dinner money is now £2.30 a day or £11.50 a week this needs to be paid in advance online using Parent Pay. Please contact the school office if you need details for this service. 


Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns, due to social distancing please phone the school office and we will get back to you.  


Many thanks, 

Mrs Gibbon and Mrs Rooke

Mrs Harcombe and Mrs Davies  



Our Autumn Hunt

We had a lovely morning at the Gnoll Park. We looked for signs of Autumn. We found lots of different coloured leaves, chestnuts and one conker! When we were at the park we used our senses and thought about what we could see, hear, smell and feel. The leaves on the trees had changed colour, the ducks were very noisy, we smelt bonfires in the distance and we felt lots of spiky chestnut shells. It was so much fun!


Our week!

This week we have been learning about the beach. Ariel came to visit us! She was very beautiful. We asked her lots of questions.

During Literacy times we have been learning the sound ‘sh’. We have learnt lots of words that use this sound.

During Numeracy times we have been telling the time. We can now show o’clock and half past on a clock. We played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ with Mrs Rooke and Miss Madden.

We have been having a very busy week in Year 1!

Pancake day fun

Our top flippers!

Year 1 & 2 have had lots of fun making yummy pancakes. We used our numeracy skills to weigh and measure the ingredients we needed and followed the instructions to make the perfect pancake. We even learned the names of the ingredients in Welsh! Once we had made our pancakes, we had a pancake flipping competition and counted how many times we could flip the pancake in 30 seconds. We laughed a lot!