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Welsh Week in Nursery

The children have been so busy already during ‘Welsh Week’ and have enjoyed making some delicious ‘Welsh Rarebit’ to share with their friends during ‘amser snac’. They have also been making leek and potato soup in the tuff spot, creating red dragons as well as using their hands to make some beautiful daffodils using paint! Coupled with learning welsh songs and enjoying welsh stories, we are having a very busy week indeed! Dw i wedi blino!

Oh help! Oh no…It’s a GRUFFALO!

The children in Nursery have settled back into school so well following the Christmas holidays and are enjoying using ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson as their shared reading text this week! They have been busy retelling the story, making Gruffalo footprints, learning about where various animals live and talking about their own homes. As always, they are keen to contribute to our weekly planning so next week in Nursery we will be making some delicious GRUFFALO CRUMBLE!