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our plane test :)

Today we had a great time playing with our paper planes it was so cool.We did a experiment and it turned out amazing we were in groups of 2 to 3,we made a plane then we went into the corridor and tested the planes.There was a lot of different types of paper planes but only 1 went the furthest it was 8.83 meters and it was called N and M!

Thank you for reading bye 🙂

By Nerys and shayne ^-^ 

Year 5s Day.

                                                      Monday 18th of  September 2018


English: Today in English we, did Comprehensions! by Roald Dahl.

Assembly: Today in Assembly we were talking about road safety safety is very interesting. Zeva even got a picture.  Always remember to be safe on the roads.

P.E: Today before P.E we were talking about songs to use in the dance we were all going to do! The ones that we found the most intriguing was ‘Rise’ by Jonas Blue and Power by Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am. We decided on ‘that Power’ and started creating a dance.

GR: We did GR and it was very fun! We did handwriting, Reading Journals,Pre-Reading and spellings.


Today was fun!




Written by Zeva and Isla.


Our New Class – Monday 17th September

                                                   Monday 17th of September 2018


English: Today we did a very amazing project called Non-Chronological Reports. A Non-Chronological Report can be about anything as long as it is factual. Some children decided on themes such; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, School life, Animals and World War.

Maths: In Math, we continued to look at whole numbers. We found the value of certain digits in a number. e,g, 24,567 the value of 5 = 500.

Guided Reading: In Guided Reading, we did Handwriting, Pre-Reading Task, Reading, Reading Journals and Spelling Targets. There are groups up to A,B,C, D and last but not least E.

Roller Coasters: For our topic this term, we are looking at Roller Coasters. We started researching different rollercoasters ready to make a timeline from the Newest Roller Coaster to the Oldest Roller Coaster. We found out the oldest Roller Coaster  was made in 1920, and the newest was made in 2016.

Brushing Teeth: Today we just started brushing teeth! Mrs.Fielding announced we were going to start brushing teeth! The bus colours were: Blue, Green and Yellow. Isla and I are in the Yellow Bus.

Billionaire Boy: Today we read a book called ‘Billionaire Boy’ it’s about a boy who is a Billionaire, who is a very spoilt boy. In the chapter we read today, he went disguised for his new School to make sure no-one would know that he is a billionaire.


                                                             Written by Zeva and Isla










Today we have been doing PE, We have been playing a game called Bench Ball which was a very fun game, We loved It!!!

Also are listening to Miss reading Awful Auntie…we’re reading a chapter where Stella is trying to get out of the bandages and has ended up like a human caterpillar.

Josh and Riley



I enjoyed playing on the iPad and doing every ones favourite lesson, Maths! We got to play maths board games, solve a problem with Miss and whiteboard work as well. Then every 15 minutes we swapped.

Qhen it was nearly home time every one in the class got to watch the BFG whilst eating some chocolate cake because it is Corey’s birthday on the weekend. Happy Birthday Corey!

By Spencer and Riley

Our fun day today:)

In topic we done something really fun, we made a timeline about all the inventions made in the past centuries up until now so we used books as well as the ipads, chromebooks and Macs to research inventions from 1900’s up until now. We also enjoyed Maths today… we were ordering temperatures and it was really fun.

It was a great day 🙂

Shayne and James