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We had English this morning. The plan was to perform our sales pitch for our machines in front of year 5 and 6. Unfortunately another class were having PE, so we had to leave the hall! Oopsie…we will go down again in the week.

by Shay and Fran

science was fun !

Today we had Science it  was amazing…We learned about how to care for the world. Also we had learned how to be Eco-friendlier and how to look after the world for the future. Miss Blackman showed us a thing with an apple which represented the world and we cut it into 4 quarters. One quarter of the earth is land. Then she cut 1/7 off…the bit of land which we actually live on! This shocked us! WE MUST LOOK AFTER OUR EARTH!

Thank you for Reading

by Nerys and itsyoboiishayne

The First Day Back!!!

Today was English Carousel which was different. Today there was practise your spellings, create a presentation  about your invention to persuade the school teachers/pupils, guided reading and English games on the I-pads. Then we did the rota for doors and then we did topic and we had to do persade yr 5/6 and yr 5 to buy our iventions.

By Taran & Carys


our fun afternoon

This afternoon we designed our machines! It was very fun because we got to colour in our Humanities books and by working in pairs, we got to know our friends better. I learnt that one of my group member has to have her colours in a certain  pattern. I also learnt that one of my kindest friends is very good at drawing and breaking his pencils.

By Callie and Fran.

Christingle service!

This morning we came in to class and Miss had put the Christmas tree up! It’s 6 foot tall and very pretty! I’ve never seen such a big tree in a classroom before…they’re usually tiny. Christmas has officially arrived in Year 6!

After registration, we walked to Saint Davids church for the Christingle service.

Christingle is about how Jesus gave light to the world!

The orange represents the world.

The candle represents the light.

The sweets represents good food and 4 sticks represents all 4 directions and seasons.

The ribbon represents the blood of Jesus.


We are practising singing for the show next week!

Blog by Year 6.

easy day at school

Today we did result of the class science investigation and every ones best lesson was math and sang a song it was called funky camels and we wrote a persuasive letter to R.Harris in the English books it was fun.

It was a dreadful day weather wise but we still had amazing fun. We had turkey for dinner with jam cookies for desert.


Aneesa and Riley


and a small bit of help from Spencer.