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Busy, long day !

When we first got in to school we practiced our handwriting. The hall was being used for a course so we didn’t have assembly, which made this morning feel like foreverrrrr! The other year 6 children came in to our class and we wrote our finial draft on Coraline setting description. After we wrote it in to our books we typed it out using Word for our display. After play we came inside and did a maths solving problem map (some questions were tricky) and then we found areas of rectangles. It was cool. we had to multiply the numbers .

This afternoon we had Welsh and Topic. In Welsh we had to say what we saw on our holiday. ‘Gwelais i crwban mor yn y sw’. For Topic we made videos and posters and lots of fun stuff about being kind because if you didn’t know, its kindness wee next week.

Now miss is reading David Walliams’ book ‘Gangsta Granny’ as we type. It’s funny! We have just started reading about her being called ‘The black cat’. I wonder whether she will tell Ben everything??

By Paige and Anna-Leigh

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