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Author: N Blackman

our day

We enjoyed English. We started writing our final drafst. For maths we did bus stop method with decimals. We are exited for Margam because there’s 26 days left before we go. We planned how to make a paper helicopter on the chrome book on hwb.

by Sheldon penny and Corey Davies


Today was carousel day. One of the funniest things were that we had to roll a dice and write a word ( hop on one leg and spell the word out, sing the word when you were writing it and more )

We did football for P.E today, if some children didn’t want to play a match they could go with Mrs.Blackman  and practice their ball skills. We finished Awful Auntie so we have a new book called  R.L.Stines Goosebumps The Midnight Scarecrow.

Good News! We get our badges tomorrow.

By Taran & Shay =) =)


Today in English we edited our non-chronological report and when we had finished we could write it on a Chrome book. Also in Math’s ,we carried on from last week which was multiplying  decimals using the lattice method . For the Amazing Fact Of The Day we learned that 2 times a year people get crushed by vending machine. In the afternoon we had our Chrome book day and we learned how to send an attached E-Mail to Miss Blackman, if we had extra time we could finish our Health and Wellbeing posters. At the end of the day we listened to Miss reading David Waliams and The Awful Auntie. It is a good book.

By Taran and Ishaq

Monday again…

Today we had a VERY fun day. Our favourite part was P.E.We did crab dodgeball. What we had to do was be a crab and throw the ball to try and get the other team out, whilst trying to dodge their throws.

We also did welsh and we all did very good. We all joined in and really enjoyed welsh drillio.


By Megan and James 🙂

Also, our Margam countdown is on 34 days! woooooo!

Our day of carasel

We had a Maths morning today! We practised our problem solving skills through lots of different fun activities.

While we were doing carousel some of my class got to play touch rugby. They had a great day… we were so happy they came second place. Well done to them!!

Spencer and Lawrence

Our amazing day :)

Today in English we finished our non-chronological reports which we started on Monday.  In Math’s we worked on using the lattice method to multiply decimals. Lunch was chicken dinner ,which Kayden loves the most. Unfortunately, when he was eating, he tipped gravy all down him!! For topic we did a map of inventions in the entire world.

Bloggers: Taran and Kayden =)

A day in Cefn Saeson

Today we went to Cefn Saeson for horrible Science, it was great. Every lesson was 60 minutes long. For one lesson, we all had to  escape the room. We had to find loads of clues. In the second lesson we were investigating vibrations. We hit a metal fork on the table and felt the vibrations!

Sheldon and Franchesca