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Author: EmmaF

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Well what a Monday!

We started off the week very positive with a post-it note from our teachers with something kind written on it about us. We stuck them to our Kindness board and will continue to add them throughout the week if someone does an act of kindness.

We were given post it notes from Mrs Fielding and Mrs Hurst before we went into class.
Our RAK wall at the beginning of the week.
We felt happy after receiving our kindness post-it notes.

In class, we saw the words ‘Motivational Monday’ and we had to write something positive about someone else. This made us feel good too.









We decided to do something kind for our community. We thought of kind words and messages and wrote them on paper. After we painted them and will eventually walk into town to hand them out.

Keep a look out, you may spot us in Neath this week.



IMG_6849IMG_6845 IMG_6844

Last week in year 5

Last week was so fun. In assembly PC Norris came to talk about internet safety week. In art, we looked at various propaganda posters from World War 2 and using a paper window we looked at specific parts of the propaganda poster to draw. Then, we finished off our Welsh ‘Gwelais i’ sentence pattern.

In our books, we finished off our topic and in English we wrote the final draft of our discussion text on should football be banned in primary schools.

My favourite part of last week was our two trips. One to Gnoll park and the other to the Liberty stadium in Swansea. We also met Lee Trundle and we had a book called the striker boy by Jonny Zucker.

image2-2IMG_6509By Callie Harrison

Year 5 – Literacy at Gnoll Park

Another exciting day for Year 5.

Using the environment as their stimulus, Year 5 walked to the Gnoll Park to write some poetry with our creative lead practitioner, Francesca.

Children walked to the grounds observing the different objects and animals along the way, and loved having a little run around at the Gnoll House ruins where their imaginations really did run wild!

At the Visitors Centre, the children wrote down words and phrases of what they had seen. They then added adjectives, verbs and adverbs to change each word/phrase into a poem. The children had lots of fun and some lovely examples were shared. Francesca went on to ask children to imagine what was behind the bamboo that they had seen on their travels. WOW!  The children’s ideas were great. From glowing black lanterns to start a quest to magical shrunken worlds full of tiny people.

At the end of the session, Francesca shared one of her favourite poems about a hedgehog that the children acted out.

Another great day Year 5. Well Done!

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Year 5 – Super Science

Year 5 – Super Science

Year 5 have been learning about material changes.

Today, children cut fruit and measured the weight of each segment to investigate the water content. After, they made predictions in groups as to what the weight of the fruit will be one week on if we left them on the windowsill.

Will they be lighter or heavier? Can you use scientific terms to say what will happen?


Measuring using decimals
Writing results in a table
What will happen to the fruit?



Year 5 @ Liberty Stadium Swansea

Year 5 Liberty stadium

29th January 2018

What a lovely day Year 5 had today at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium.

First, the children went to a workshop where they had to complete a variety of challenges. Yikes, they didn’t even have a chance to take off their coats, yet they were already underway on a team challenge holding hands trying to move a hula hoop from one side of the line to the other. What a giggle!

The children then completed challenges and fed back to the leaders. The challenges were based on resilience. Some challenges were easy and others difficult. The leaders homed in on how even though life throws obstacles in the way that can make it difficult for us to keep going or brings out emotions that we don’t like, it’s okay. It’s how we overcome them and to keep going is what is most important.

After a great discussion, the children were presented with a signed book from Lee Trundle then given the tour of the stadium. Extremely excited, the children were able to experience the home and away changing rooms (what a difference), become reporters, managers and captains in the press conference room, sit in the players pitch-side seats and finally take a peak at the hospitality suites where they could view the lush pitch being prepped ready for tomorrows game.


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