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Access to Key Stage 2 Learning Hub for the week starting Monday 1st March 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome back, I hope you all had a restful half term.

As you are aware, Schools have now reopened to Foundation Phase pupils and some Key Stage 2 pupils. However, the week starting Monday 22nd February 2021, the school will be open to all Foundation Phase pupils. The Key Stage 2 pupils will continue to receive teaching and learning remotely through our school Flexible Learning area on our website and each class teacher will deliver “Live sessions” with their class each day. We have been asked to once again support our Front line families and so have created 4 small Learning Hubs. These will have a teacher and teaching assistants in there each day. We will continue to follow the plans and procedures which were in place last term.

If you are in need to use one of the Key Stage 2 Learning Hubs for the week starting 1st March, then please follow the link below and complete the questionnaire. Please only use if it is absolutely necessary and you have no other support with you child/children. This is not a child caring facility and the children will be accessing learning during their time at the Learning Hubs. Children who are at home will also be expected to log into the “Live” learning sessions with their class teacher every day and complete the work remotely which is in the class page under Flexible Learning on this website.. If you have difficulties with this please contact the school and we will do out utmost to support you.

Link to Questionnaire

Stay safe,

Mr Harris

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